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In The Service We Provide.

If you suspect storm damage, it's crucial to schedule a professional inspection promptly. Contact us, and our experts will assess the damage, guide you through the insurance claim process, and ensure your roof is restored to its best condition.

Don't worry. Our team specializes in navigating insurance challenges. We'll review the denial, provide a detailed assessment, and work with you to appeal the decision. Your satisfaction and the integrity of your roof are our top priorities.

Leaks require immediate attention. Contact us for an urgent inspection. Our skilled team will identify the source of the leak, propose effective solutions, and ensure your roof is repaired promptly to prevent further damage.

We recommend biannual inspections, especially before and after extreme weather seasons. Regular check-ups help identify potential issues early, allowing for proactive maintenance and preventing costly repairs in the long run.

Here in Metro Atlanta, asphalt shingles are most typical. They are both economical and durable against weather conditions. BUT our experts will recommend options that suit your style and budget, ensuring durability and optimal performance. From asphalt shingles to metal roofing, we've got you covered!

Your homeowner’s insurance company will be sending out a claim representative (adjuster) to inspect the entire exterior of your home. This inspection will include the roof, windows, window screens, rain gutters, decks, porches, siding, etc. Anything that has been damaged by the storm will be covered by your insurance company. Our Zytek Roofing representative is knowledgeable in all aspects of the exterior of your home. Zytek Roofing will be present for the adjuster appointment to represent you and your interest. We will ensure that nothing is overlooked or left out of your estimate. Zytek Roofing will only be performing the work to your roof and gutters, but we do assist with the entire claim at no cost to you, the homeowner. Zytek Roofing and your insurance company both use state-of-the-art software, (Xactimate) that considers local material prices and labor rates. This estimating software is based on quality materials comparable to those found on your home before it was damaged. Ultimately, the adjuster will be setting the price for each of the repairs to be performed. They will pay for all damages in full, less your deductible. The payments will be made in two separate checks that will be issued to you, the homeowner. The first check issued is the A.C.V. (Actual Cash Value) which calculates the depreciation of your property. The second check will be issued after the repairs have been made. The second payment will be the R.C.V. (Replacement Cost Value) of the repairs. These terms (A.C.V. and R.C.V.) can be confusing and cause concern that your insurance company will not pay the full replacement amount of the repairs. Please see our FAQ to help clarify and explain the A.C.V. and R.C.V. in more detail.

The price to remove and replace your roof will be set by the insurance adjuster who comes to inspect your roof and home. The adjuster uses state-of-the-art software that will determine the exact cost for the roof replacement. Zytek Roofing is committed to honesty and integrity. We will perform all work for the exact amount that your insurance company determines. (It is in your best interest to have a knowledgeable representative with you during your insurance inspection to ensure estimate accuracy). Your only out-of-pocket cost will be your deductible.

It is a Georgia State Law that each and every homeowner must pay their deductible. Your deductible is a pre-set amount that was determined when you acquired your homeowners insurance. Senate Bill 38 states that it is illegal (felony) for any contractor to cover/waive or adjust any pricing to relieve you from paying your deductible. It is also illegal for a contractor to ever offer or mention "not paying your deductible." Zytek Roofing will not cover your deductible, submit fraudulent paperwork or participate in any form of deception that would cause you to not to pay for your deductible. We will not cheat your insurance company. We will not cheat the state of Georgia, and we will not cheat you!

Replacement Cost Value (R.C.V.) is the current cost of repairing or replacing a damaged or destroyed item with a similar one. Actual Cash Value (A.C.V.) is the value of the damaged or destroyed item at the time of the loss. Generally, A.C.V. is calculated as R.C.V. minus depreciation

Depreciation is the loss of value that occurs over time due to factors such as age, wear and tear, and obsolescence.If you have replacement cost coverage included in your policy, you are able to receive the additional money to cover the depreciation of these items. If this is the case, reimbursement may involve two or more payments: one for your initial payment based on the actual cash value of your damaged property and an additional payment(s) once you repair and/or replace the damaged items and provide the insurance company with documentation.